A Brewery in Greenpoint has applied to open its second bar, at 158 Beard Street. This is a residential block without any bars or restaurants. The capacity of our streets and sewers to absorb this kind of use is already beyond capacity.

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On Monday 6/26, Community Board 6 saw an unprecedented turnout - including the office of Councilman Carlos Menchaca- united in concerns about safety, noise and traffic from opening a bar on our residential block. The Board heard the community, and recommended that any liquor license should include stipulations to lessen the impact on our neighborhood. 

What's next

The State Liquor Authority votes on Thursday.  And they look at broader issues than CB6 can consider.  We want Red Hook to thrive, but not at the cost of its infrastructure. Not at the cost of its community.

you can help!

Make your voice heard. Sign and share this petition with as many people you can. Bring your opposition and concerns to the SLA hearing this Thursday, and let the city know: No Bar on Beard Street.

(And please remember, we are not against drinking, or business.  Please, visit Sunny'sThe Good ForkHometown BBQ or Ft. Defiance - all good, long-term neighbors.)

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The new lessees at 158 Beard Street have applied for a liquor license to operate a bar/brewery in the middle of Beard Street between Van Brunt and Conover Streets. This is a residential block without any bars or restaurants. Allowing a bar/brewery to operate here will destroy the calm of our neighborhood and bring the nuisances of late-night noise, littering, drunk consumers, and more traffic right next to our homes and children. We already have many bars one block away - the Brooklyn Crab Shack, Hometown, the Liberty Warehouse and Sunny’s, and the capacity of our streets and sewers to absorb this kind of use is already beyond capacity.

A Typical Evening on Beard St.

A Typical Evening on Beard St.

Why We are opposed

  • There has been no review by DEP or DOT to assess the impact on the ancient infrastructure and not enough time to allow the neighborhood to weigh in
    • Up to 50% of the block's residents are under 15 years old
    • More car traffic and new commercial truck deliveries will make the street unsafe for our kids and families
  • The sewage system cannot accommodate another restaurant
    • The hundreds of gallons flushed from brewing will overflow the sewer
    • Other new Red Hook restaurants need above-ground pumps to move the sewage to the main line - so will this

Where it is


How you can stop it

Make your opposition known.   

Show up at NYSLA 500 Foot Hearing is June 29th at 317 Lenox Avenue, 4th Floor, 11AM.

Please sign our petition!